4Story Hack 2013


4Story Hack 2013

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4Story Review:

4Story is a 3D fantasy MMORPG that looks and plays a lot like WoW. Join one of three warring factions and explore the world of 4Story as a Human, Werebeast, or Fairy. The game has plenty of quests to complete, regions to explore, and massive PvP battles to get involved in!

Three kingdoms which are Defugel, Croxion, Broa exist within the continent of Iveria. And each kingdoms are tied to the multiple districts and territories. However, there also remain disputed areas which have yet to be ruled by any kingdoms on the continent. Within the areas, there is a castle to protect its own territory and levy taxes from 3 areas located in the territory at the cost of managing and controlling them. The castle can be owned by a victor of the castle siege warfare that allows only one guild from each different kingdoms that made a success of gaining the highest points from RvR (Monday ~ Friday) to participate.

Despite having a visual style and interface design similar to World of Warcraft’s, 4Story stands out as a unique free to play MMORPG. The game offers players a massive world to explore through quest driven progression. Earn a mount, learn new talents, and work your way up the ranks until you’re strong enough to particiapte in realm vs realm battles. There are three factions in 4Stroy vying for control. Each faction has its own geography, but shares the same three race and six class options.

Factions – Defugel, Craxion, Broa

Races – Fairy, Human, Werebeast

Classes – Assassin, Archer, Summoner, Priest, Warrior, Wizard

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