Adventure Quest World Hack 2013

This game is a spinoff of an earlier browser game, Adventure Quest. It has the same graphics, but much more complex gameplay than its original. It gives players moderate customization options but a lot of gameplay options. There are different classes and tons of quests. There’s also a very large player base which gives people a lot of social options as well.

Adventure Quest World Hack 2013

How to use?
- Log into game
- Open hack
- Activate/add features/goods




Adventure Quest World Review:

Adventure Quest Worlds (or AQ Worlds) is a 2D fantasy browser based MMORPG by the same team behind the original AdventureQuest. AQ Worlds is a much bigger game that boasts real-time combat, a large persistent world, and the ability to interact with thousands of other players! Both fans of the original and new players alike will find something to like in AQ Worlds!

Considering it plays directly on your web browser with no need for special plugins or installations, Adventure Quest Worlds is an impressive MMORPG. Compared to Artix’s first hit AdventureQuest, AQ Worlds feels like a much broader package and actually boosts a persistent world where players can interact. The graphic style in AQ Worlds is similar to those found in its predecessor, and while I don’t find them all that impressive, they do carry a certain charm that builds on you. Though it is more in-depth that previous titles, this is still very much a casual game not likely to interest dedicated players for long, unless they are willing to pay for additional content. There are only 4 classes but the ability to multi-class gives players many options. The classes are:

Healer - The supportive class of AQWorlds that shines in a group setting though they can also stand on their alone. Their secondary upgrade class is the Acolyte.

Mage - Primary spell casters who have an array of elemental spells at their disposal. Mages can deal heavy damage but rely on mana to do so. Their secondary upgrade class is the Sorcerer

Rogue – Sneaky melee fighters with heavy damage output but low defense and health. Their secondary upgrade class is the Renegade.

Warrior – The primary melee class with powerful attacks, high armor, and plenty of health. Their secondary upgrade class is the Warlord.

All secondary classes are restricted to paying members, as are most of the individual classes that can be purchased such as Paladin, Pirate, Berserker, Beast Warrior, Ninja, Witch, Vampire, and others.

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