Battlefield Heroes Hack 2013

Battlefield Heroes Hack 2013
How to use?
- Open hack
- Log into game
- Activate features/Add goods




Battlefield Heroes Review:

Battlefield Heroes is a 3D third-person shooter with stylish cartoon graphics.  Players join either the National Army (the Germans), or the Royal Army (the Brits) in this casual World War 2 era shooter.  Each faction has the same three class choices – Commando, Soldier, and Gunner.

Battlefield Heroes is the latest in the popular Battlefield series, and the first to be offered free-to-play.  Unlike previous titles, Heroes has a third-person view, cartoony graphics, and is aimed at a broad, casual audience with streamlined controls and low system requirements.  There are two factions to chose from – the National Army and the Royal Army, both of which have access to the same three classes.  Players earn valor and hero points as they play the game, with which they can purchase new weapons and items.  Each class has multiple guns available for purchase, and more are likely to be added in future updates.  As of the open beta there is no lobby system.  Instead, Battlefield Heroes relies on match-making, though players can hop into the same room with others added as friends.  Vehicles, which have always been a big part of the Battlefield experience, make a return in Heroes.  There are currently three vehicle types, including jeeps, tanks, and airplanes, all of which can be easily used by players.  The three classes are:

Commando - Sneaky fighters who rely on cunning and subterfuge to achieve their objectives.  Their starting gear includes a long-ranged rifle, TNT, a knife, the stealth ability, and a self heal ability.

Soldier – The standard soldier on the Battlefield!  Soldiers have diverse abilities that make them useful in all situations.  Their starting gear includes an assault rifle, shotgun, TNT, a self heal ability, and a group heal ability.

Gunner - The heavy class of Battlefield Heroes.  Gunners have the most health of all fighters.  Their starting gear includes a machine gun, shotgun, TNT, a self heal ability, and an absorb damage ability.

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