CSR Racing Hack 2013

CSR Racing Hack 2013
CSR Racing Hack 2013
 How to use?
 - Open Hack
- Type your Username and press “Let it Rain!” button
- After Auto-log press alt+tab and choose desired features




CSR Racing Review:

With its short but exciting matches, drag racing seems the perfect subject for racing games on mobile devices, so it’s a little surprising that we’re just now seeing the genre make some headlines. Android delivered Drag Racing earlier this year, and now iOS users have access to the impressive CSR Racing. In short, it makes Drag Racing look like a cave painting beside a Rembrandt.

For one, it’s a looker. If you’ve never believed that a Ford Focus could be an object of beauty, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the way light reflects off your hubcaps and how you can customize each of its many licensed cars. CSR Racing looks better than some games from the precious console generation. For another, the roughly 15 second matches are fun and intense, and revolve around shifting gears at exactly the right time. It’s a shame that CSR Racing simplifies the process by switching on a green light at the best moment, but there’s still some challenge involved in nailing it for the win.

Still, that relative ease of gameplay is probably why there’s no online multiplayer mode; instead, you merely test your racing skills against the computer. If you’re anything like me, that knowledge might take out much of the fun.

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