Dragons of Atlantis Hack 2013

Dragons of Atlantis Hack 2013Dragons of Atlantis Hack 2013

How to use?

- Open hack

- Choose your browser, press “Connect to…”

- Add in-game goods and press “START”

- Log into game




Game Review:

Dragons of Atlantis is a 2D fantasy themed empire building strategy game by WonderHill. Join one of the four ancient tribes determined to salvage their troubled civilization in the mystical world known as Atlantis. Build a powerful city and army. Train troops. Conquer various lands. Raise a dragon and take over other players’ cities. Form alliances to increase strength and become a legend.

Dragons of Atlantis is a MMORTS where players are chosen to save the civilization of Atlantis.

The Ancient Ones created four original tribes known as the Solerians, Amazons, native Zolmecs, and the Primus. Players select their tribe and begin their rise to power. Similar to other empire building strategy games like Kingdoms of Camelot or Evony users build and control their own city. Construct homes, Science Centers, Theaters, and Officers’ Quarters. Build farms and mines to collect resources to keep your kingdom prospering. Create a powerful army. Raise and train your own Dragon to destroy enemies during war.

Conquer other cities. Join forces in alliances. Chat with friends. Trade in valuable resources like ore for gold or shop for special acceleration items. Become a hero and prove to the Gods that your tribe is truly worthy in Dragons of Atlantis.

Resources - Food (Farm), Stone (Quarry), Wood (Lumber Mill), and Ore (Mine).

Buildings - Factory, Metalsmith, Muster Point, Officers’ Quarters, Rookery, Science Center, Garrison, Sentinel, Theater, Storage Vault, and Homes.

Military Units - Porter, Conscript, Spy, Halberdsman, Minotaur, Longbowman, Swift Strike Dragon, Battle Dragon, Armored Transport, and Fire Mirror.


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