Dungeon Rampage Hack 2013


Dungeon Rampage Hack 2013

How to use?

- Open hack

- Login into game, using “login” feature in hack

- Choose your used browser

- Add goods and/or activate features and press “Activate”

- Log into game



Dungeon Rampage Review:

You know the old adage about not judging a book by its cover? That doesn’t apply to Dungeon Rampage, the Facebook fantasy action RPG from Rebel Entertainment. It’s all about grabbing some weapons, teaming up with other players and bashing your way through as many monsters as possible to reach the end of… wait for it… a dungeon. Subtlety? Sorry, fresh out!

There is a story of sorts to Dungeon Rampage, involving a girl seeking revenge against an evil wizard and his horde of monsters for wrongs committed against her stuffed animal. That’s really just secondary to the reason the game exists, which is to have teams of warriors clear out dungeons full of baddies for fortune and fame. You start out with just one class available, the Berzerker, which is your standard barbarian type who uses axes, hammers and heavy thrown objects to take the direct approach to eliminating enemies.

Movement is controlled with either the W-A-S-D keys or the mouse, and three different weapons can be mapped to other letter keys. The controls are responsive enough though a little crowded on the keyboard. You’re going to be bashing away on them most of the time anyway, as monsters often come at you in waves. There are traps like swinging blades, fire and arrows to avoid, and boss battles finish off certain levels.

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