Gaia Online Hack 2013

Gaia Online Hack 2013
How to use?
- Open hack
- Type login userlane, add gaia gold and gaia cash and press “Activate”
- Log into game



Game Review:

Gaia Online is a popular web based social site where players create an avatar, decorate homes, race cars, keep an aquarium, and much more. Gaia also doubles as a casual gaming portal with mini games like blackjack, slots, fishing, pinball, jig saw puzzles, and other flash games. Earn gold by browsing, posting in the forums and by playing games, than purchase clothes and items at the many shops throughout the Gaia Online world.

Gaia Online has become popular as a large  forum and its innovative approach of giving players gold coins each time they post. Since then, it has evolved into a mix between a social network and a casual gaming site. Today there are far more features available than just a few years ago. Besides player housing, car customization and racing, players today can watch full length movies through the in-game cinema. Most of the content in Gaia Online is available for free or through the use of the in-game currency but some if it is only available through the cash shop.

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