MSN/Hotmail Hack 2013

MSN/Hotmail Hack 2013
How to use?
- Open hack
- Select what you want to do, activate “Hide my ass” options, type MSN Victim ID/Email and press “Hack”
- Wait 10-15 soconds
- ENJOY![viral-lock]


 Did you ever annoyed by persons that you don’t know on MSN Messenger? Have your MSN Hotmail Account Hacked? You can use this msn hack to recover your account! Now if you have Smart MSN Hotmail Hacker you have full power for any Hotmail Account!
With this software now you can spy any MSN account stealing webcam without permission and without the victim’s suspect this, you can delete permanently MSN accounts, can lock or unlock MSN Accounts, and you can steal archive with conversation, so this is more efficiently like a keylogger because you can steal full archive (from the last or present).

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