Neobux Autoclicker 2013

If you haven’t heard of it before, Neobux is a website that pays you for clicking on advertisements. With a few clicks and several dozen referrals you are able to make a few hundred dollars a year for doing practically nothing. Although the income is low the money is real which is why a lot of people are using this service in their free time to make a little extra money. Others though have found a way to make far more than a little money and in fact they have found a way to make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars using this service.

The method we are talking about is making use of the Neobux autoclicker. The Neobux autoclicker is a program that automaticly clicks your advertisements each time they pop up. You dont need to check your Neobux account a dozen of times to check for new advertisements to click, the autoclicker will run in the background, and do it all for you, even when your computer is turned off!

The Neobux autoclicker has an advanced security system built in which makes sure that the servers of the Neobux website do not see that you are using the program. It will also send a message to your direct referrals to advice them to keep clicking their daily ads. This way you will earn the most of you direct referrals, so your income will rise.


Neobux Autoclicker 2013


- Proxy, so your clicks are anonymous and you’ll never be cought!

How to use?

- Log into your neobux account and stay on “view ads” zone.

- Open hack and press start

- Leave your browser and program open(dont matter if is in bar or not) and continue your work


Note: Update your program frequently for latest improvements!




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