Pirate Galaxy Online Hack 2013

Pirate Galaxy Online Hack 2013
How to use?
- Log into game
- Open hack
- Press “Resource Hack” and add resources
- Click “Back” to activate “Speed Hack”




Pirate Galaxy Review:

Pirate Galaxy is a 3D browser based Sci-Fi MMORPG that runs on Java. Play on a web browser or download the small client for added graphic feature. Pirate Galaxy has amazing visuals and huge star systems to explore. Complete missions, battle for control of planets, and visit space stations across the galaxy.

Pirate Galaxy is a visually impressive science fiction game built using Java. It can be played on a web browser or run as a stand alone program after a small download. Pirate Galaxy does an excellent job translating the classic, quest-driven MMORPG experience into an action packed browser game. Players control spaceships and gain ranks by destroying droids that belong to the evil Mantis race. Complete missions to earn crystals, and use them to purchase new parts and ships at space stations scattered across the galaxy. PvP is entirely optional, but players who turn their PvP flag on are rewarded with increased experience off NPCs. Late game PvP content includes clan wars in which large numbers of gamers fight for control over planets.

There are dozens of ships available that can be roughly categorized into 6 groups:

Newbie Ships - Available to players below rank 10.

Damage Dealing Ships - Specialized in dealing heavy damage, includes the powerful STAM S-Lightning Storm

Tanking Ships - Includes vessels equipped with heavy armor that can absorb lots of hits, useful in squad and clan battles. The STAM S-Mega Armor is an example.

Speed Ships - Ideal scouting vessels that specialize in hit-and-run tactics. Includes the STAM S-Thunder Shock.

Engineer Ships - The supportive ships of Pirate Galaxy. Engineering ships focus on healing and repairs. Includes the STAM S-Stellar Engineer.

General Ships - Multipurpose ships without a specialization. Can’t be classified as ‘newbie ships’ due to high rank requirements. Includes the Anin-12 Parsec

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