Pirates Tides Of Fortune Hack 2013

Pirates Tides Of Fortune Hack 2013
How to use?
- Log into game
- Open hack
- Add goods or activate desired features and press “Hack”
- Re-log in-game




Pirates Tides Of Fortune Review:

Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a strategy social game that is currently only available for Google Plus and Facebook. The game, which is developed by Plarium behind Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy, allows players to build their own pirate kingdom , battle with other Pirates and ultimately dominate the whole high seas.

There’s more to a pirate’s life, of course. You must also fortify your defenses, form trade relations with other captains (no backstabbing allowed in the market), perform research, and make discoveries that allow you to improve your haven’s technology–and your ships.

Pirates: Tides of Fortune isn’t a game that rewards you for sitting around and clicking mindlessly on buildings and objects. Its combination of strategy and world-building is deep, multi-layered, and, well, slow. The tutorial portion of the game will take a couple of days to get through, and although you can skip ahead on some of the listed tasks, it’s not recommended.

In other words, don’t expect to sign up, hop on a galleon, jam the key in the ignition, and take off. You have to earn your way to the seas by researching the necessary technology for your ships. This is done by collecting “sketches.” You’re awarded one a day, and you often have to collect several in order to advance. Moreover, you won’t always be awarded the sketches you need, which makes it necessary to trade with other pirates.

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