Soldier Front Hack 2013

Soldier Front Hack 2013

(press on image to see it bigger)

Soldier Front Hack 2013

Hotkeys :
Crosshair – Num1
Color Chams1 – Num2
Color Chams2 – Num3
Phantomchams – Num4
GhostChams – Num5
Asuswalls – Num6
Fullbright – Num7 (auto on)
Nofog – Num8 (auto on)
For Laptop users :
Crosshair – F1
Color Chams1 – F2
Color Chams2 – F3
Phantomchams – F4
GhostChams – F5
Asuswalls – F6
Fullbright – F7 (auto on)
Nofog – F8 (auto on)

How to use:
Extract the PHO-iWantToLearnv5.rar.
Open Injector
Process specialforce.exe
Browse PHO-iWantToLearnv5.dll
Open dfi specialforce and log in our account
Enjoy Hacking!!!!!!




Soldier Front Review:

Soldier Front is a 3D MMO tactical shooter. The game has a large player base a varied selection of weapons and equipment in the item store. Soldier Front is one of the first few tactical shooters MMOs and its success has helped spawn similar games from other big MMO publishers.

Soldier Front is one of the first few tactical MMO shooters and is published by IJJI. The game’s success helped accelerate the growth of tactical shooting games that almost every MMO publisher now has. Unfortunately, since Soldier Front is one of the oldest shooters, its not nearly as polished as newer games like Nexon’s Combat Arms or Netgame’s Operation 7. Fortunately the game isn’t all bad, it does have a good selection of weapons and equipment in the item store and a large selection of playable maps. Soldier Front also doesn’t demand a high end graphics card or CPU, so the game should be able to run smoothly on lower end machines.

Players get to choose their avatar from elite task force teams such as the SAS, Delta Force, Spetsnaz and other teams, each with their own characteristic arsenal. Each weapons features its own statistics, affecting aspects such as recoil and rate of fire. There are more than ten aspects that were taken into account when creating a gun for Soldier Front, and modeling its behavior. The end result is a realistic and dynamic experience that appeals to all types of gamers.

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