Terraria Hack 2013

terraria hack 2013

Terraria Hack 2013

How to use?
- Log into game
- Open hack
- Choose desired features
- Enjoy!




Terraria Review:

Terraria can best be described as Minecraft if it were a Metroidvania game and if anyone knows a thing about me, I love the Metroidvania genre! Anyone who has played Minecraft or one of its imitators should know what to expect and just about everything you need to know about the game can be described by comparing it to Minecraft. You start off with the bare basics of equipment and gather all the resources you can with them, combine them into new materials, build a house to protect yourself from creatures of the night, and continue making more equipment that in turn lets you gather more resources, however the game makes lots of notable improvements and additions to the formula that fix some of the flaws Minecraft had.

For starters when you combine resources at a crafting bench you’re given a list of all the materials you can make with your current resources and there’s an NPC who can tell you everything you can make with one specific material. Some people may have liked the way Minecraft made you experiment with different types of materials rather than tell you what you could and could not make from the start, but I personally got tired of going to Minecraft’s wiki page whenever I needed to know how to make a certain item and am glad Terraria included a tutorial, that neither held my hand or made things seem too vague.

Weapons, armor, and mining equipment are indestructible now as well, meaning the annoyance of breaking your 3rd pickaxe and being forced to travel all the way back to your crafting table to make another one is gone. There are also several NPC’s who you can interact with provided you make a home for them. They’ll provide a variety of services varying from selling certain items to healing you. This doesn’t radically change the game too much, but guarantees you’ll have some convenient access to certain items as long as you have the money to pay for them.

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