War Commander Hack 2013

War Commander Hack 2013
How to use?
- Log into game
- Open hack
- Choose desired goods
- Re-log in-game




War Commander Review:

As Facebook pushes forward to secure its place on the Internet as one of the most relevant social infrastructures, its gaming arm is, likewise, continuing to grow up. Kixeye has put together a new real-time strategy (RTS) game that pushes the envelope in terms of mature content on the platform, but does the hardcore formula of War Commander translate well for this mostly casual audience?

At the outset, War Commander tosses players right into the fray by having you help out a small group of fellow soldiers. The game is set in a sort of space-marine world reminiscent of Halo or Gears of War. You’ll command multiple units, á la Starcraft, but control has been streamlined in a way that seems to work particularly well as quick-fix, Facebook experience.

Whereas the newly released The Stratagems offered a deep and deeply rewarding strategy experience at the cost of a huge learning curve, War Commander is very inviting to newcomers of the genre. Getting started with the game is quick and easy, and the quest system does a great job keeping you on track. There’s no real story to speak of, and the premise itself is paper thing. However, it’s the type of game that requires little more than a desire to plunder.

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