World Of Tanks Hack 2013

World Of Tanks Hack 2013
How to use?
- Open hack
- Type email and desired goods and press “Hack” button
- Log into game
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Game Review:

World of Tanks is a 3D, team-based MMO shooter where players take control of World War 2 era tanks.  Gameplay in World of Tanks requires teamwork and strategy.  With over a hundred tanks to choose from and up to sixty players per battle, WoT offers conflicts of epic proportions!

World of Tanks puts players in command of their very own World War 2 era battle tank.  WoT is a team-based game where two sides of up to thirty players each compete to destroy all opposing vehicles.  With 150 combat vehicles of American, German, and Soviet design, World of Tanks offers an in-depth gaming experience.  The publishers promise a historically accurate setting and action-oriented gameplay.  RPG elements also make an appearance, as players will be able to upgrade their tanks with new parts and crew members.  New recruits start with a light German or Soviet tank, but after accumulating experience and credits, they will be able to upgrade to heavier models.  Additionally, it will be possible to upgrade individual parts such as turrets, chassis, engines, guns, radios, and ammunition types.

Pros: +Over 150 armored vehicles to command. +Historically accurate tanks of American, German, and Soviet design. +Up to 60 players per battle. +Unique gameplay.

Cons: -No single player or PvE modes. -Steep learning curve.

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